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Invited Speakers and Program

Invited Speakers

Youri Baeyens, be.STAT, Belgium

Dr. Johan Barthélemy, University of Wollongong, Australia & UNamur, Belgium.

Professor Tomasz Burzykowski, Universiteit Hasselt, Belgium

Professor Anthony Davison, Ecole Poytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland.

Professeur Patrick Deboosere, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium.

Professor Daniel Defays, Université de Liège, Belgium.

Professor Peter J. Diggle, Lancaster University, United Kingdom.

Professor Uwe Einmahl, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium.

Koen KnapenSAS, Belgium.

Professor Marc Nyssen, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium.

Professor Stephen Senn, Luxembourg Institute of Health, Grand-Duché du Luxembourg.

Alain Trugeon, Regional health and social observatory (OR2S) of Picardie, France.

Johan Van Bussel, WIV­-ISP, Belgium.

Marie Vandresse, Federal Planning Bureau, Belgium.

Herman Van Oyen, WIV-ISP, Belgium.

Professor Joost Weyler, Universiteit Antwerpen (UIA), Belgium.



 Download here the tentative program as known at the time being

Wednesday 12th, afternoon (for all): 
    • 13h30:  Welcome, registration and Coffee
    • 14h - 16h: Special Session : The rôle of Bayesian Statistics by Prof. Stephen Senn
          • This general talk will be followed by three young researchers' presentations with discussion (and the invited speaker as discussant) 
    • 16h: Poster storm (2 min presentation per poster) followed by the Poster session along a long coffee break (to give the people the possibility to directly go and see the posters)
    • 17h15: Plenary Session

Exploring dependencies in a High dimensional time series by Prof. Christophe Croux (KULeuven)

  • 18h: Informal dinner on the BelRive boat

BelRive Boat


Thursday 13th, morning:

               BSS Program (open to everyone)                                                                                                     
BAPH Program (open to everyone)

9h : BSS Plenary Session on Statistical Methodology

            with Pr. Anthony Davison

Accurate Directional Inference for Vector Parameters
in Linear Exponential Families

9h : The project, Johan Van Bussel (WIV­ISP)

9h30 : Cross­referencing regional health data: a mathematical and cartographic tool with Alain Trugeon and Nadège Thomas (regional health and social observatory (OR2S) of Picardie, France)

  • 10h15: coffee break
  • 10h30: Plenary session co-organized by BSS & BAPH on Big Data and Public Health Statistics, with Prof. Peter J. Diggle, President of the Royal Statistical Society (UK) 
  • 11h30 : Panel on Big Data, with Joost Weyler (UIA) (animator), Peter Diggle (UKSS), Herman Van Oyen (WIV-ISP, BE), Alain Trugeon (OR2S FR) and Dr. Johan Barthélemy (Wollongon-Australia & UNamur)
  • 12h30: Lunch

Thursday 13th, afternoon:

BSS Program (open to everyone)                              BAPH Program (open to everyone)BAPH Program (open to everyone)

13h30-15h: PhD Team Presentations

(2 x 2 PhD students with their supervisor 25 -30 min each)

M. de Backer and A. El Ghouch [UCL] Semiparametric copula quantile regression for complete or censored data

E. Clette and Y. Swan [ULg] From Gauss to Pearson: extending Gaussian identities to Pearson targets

G. Inghelbrecht and K. Barbé [VUB] Towards solving massive regression problems

J.Degryse, Freya Acar, Han Bossier, Beatrijs Moerkerke and R. Seurinck [UGent] fMRI data analysis: statistical challenges and solutions

Sharing and linking public health data

13h30: Youri Guillaume (IMA-AIM)
Challenges for public health and for research: the inter-mutuality agency database.

14h00: Johan Van der Heyden (WIV-ISP)
Linking health interview data with health insurance data: feasibility and added value.

14h30: Régine Kiasuwa Mbengi (WIV-ISP)
Coupling cancer data and social security data for population-based studies: challenges and opportunities.

Methods in public health

13h30: Goossens, Mathieu (VUB - CvKO)
Linking breast cancer screening to breast cancer registry data: what can we learn?

14h00: Dumont, Morgane (UNamur)

14h30: ... (...)

  • 15h-15h30: Coffee break, BAPH poster presentation and match making


15h30 - 17h20: BSS Program(open to everyone)  BAPH Program(open to everyone)

Advanced Research Themes *

- Benjamin Arras (ULg)
- Ben Berckmoes (UAntwerpen)

- Joris Chau (UCLouvain)
- Anne van Delft (UMaastricht)


Advanced Research Themes

- Anna Ivanova (KULeuven)
- Christophe Ley (UGent)

- Davy Paindaveine (ULB)
- Thomas Verdebout (ULB)


Sharing and linking public health data

15h30: Marie-Laurence Lambert (WIV-ISP)
Open data in scientific research: why, how, when?

16h00: Simeon Wanyama Situma (WIV-ISP)
The Socioeconomic status and Cystic Fibrosis outcomes (SESCFO) study: using existing databases versus new data collections.

16h30: Fabian Dehanne (CHU CSME)
Using minimum clinical summary data for research and for management.

17h00: Marc Nyssen (VUB)
E-health as a tool for health practitioners: challenges.

Methods in public health

15h30: Roelants, Mathieu (KULeuven)
Do's and don'ts in assessing normal variation (in human growth).

16h00: Leemans, Kathleen (VUB)
Development and evaluation of quality indicators (to improve palliative care in Flanders, Belgium).

16h30: Vyncke, Veerle (UGent)
What about the who's, the why's and the circumstances: looking behind general effects.

17h00: ... (...)

      *  15h30 -17h20: New format contributed parallel sessions :

        1. 15h30-16h10 :  8 times 5 min round of "short talks" during which each speaker, in turn, present an overview of the object of their talk.
        2. 16h10-16h45 : four 30 minutes parallel sessions for the first four speakers.
        3. 16h45-17h20 : four 30 minutes parallel sessions for the first four speakers.


Friday 14th:
  • 9h: Quetelet session
    • "Evaluation of surrogates" by Prof. Tomasz Burzykowski, UHasselt
  • 9h45: “Strong approximations in probability: history and a recent result” by Prof. Uwe Einmahl, VUB.
  • 10h30: coffee break 
  • 10h50: Parallel thematic sessions
      1. High Dimensional Data : Y. Wang (KUL) - Th. Gueuning (KUL) - V. Nassiri (KUL)
      2. Multivariate Complexity : Birlie (UHasselt) - St. Aerts (HEC-ULg) - T.W. Rakhmawati (UHasselt) - D. Cornilly (KUL)
      3. Methodology and Applications : K. Rezaul (UHasselt and KUL) - Y.W. Kifle (UHasselt and UAntwerpen) - G. Nisol (ULB) - J. Raymaekers (KUL)
      4. Working with Item Stores in PROC PLM and several other techniques for scoring a regression model in SAS by Koen Knapen (SAS)

  • 12h: Lunch
  • 13h0-15h00: Closing invited lecture 

-   "Demography projections for 2015-2060" by Marie Vandresse, FPB. 

-   "Statistics, Society and Citizenship"  by   Prof. Daniel Defays (former Director ai Eurostat)

Panel with the intervenants and

Youri Baeyens (Data Protection Officer of Statistics Belgium)
Prof. Patrick Deboosere (Interface Demography Department of Sociology, VUB)
Prof. Marcel Rémon (President of the Belgian High National Council for Statistics, UNamur)

Posters Session

The BSS is sponsoring an award for the best poster.
Following the tradition of the last BSS meetings, we solicitate active presentation of posters. Each poster has to be presented, during a poster storm in front of the plenary public, by a 2-3 minutes presentation (2-3 slides only). Following this poster storm the authors of the poster have to be present during the poster session in front of their poster. The first session will take place on Wednesday afternoon, a second session (in case of sufficient submissions) on Thursday morning. The best poster will be awarded a prize, sponsored by the BSS.


Please submit abstracts of your posters by August 15, 2016 
to Kurt Barbé (e-mail: ).

BelRive Boat

BelRive Boat
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Current Program of BSS2016

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